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William Allen High School - Home of the Canaries


Allen Athletics

William Allen High School - Home of the Canaries

Allen Athletics

William Allen High School - Home of the Canaries

Academic Eligibility

Academic Eligibility

Allen Athletics Academic Eligibility Page

William Allen Athletics Academic Eligibility Protocol

The William Allen Academic Eligibility Policy follows the policy set in place by the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association(PIAA). To be eligible for athletic participation all student-athletes must pass both, the Weekly and Marking Period Eligibility Reports (See Below): 

Weekly Eligibility:

Be passing at least four full-credit subjects or the equivalent as of each Friday during a marking period. Failure to do so will result in suspension from the following Sunday to Saturday.  Eligibility reports will be sent out weekly.

Marking Period Eligibility:  

Student-athletes must be passing four full-credit subjects or the equivalent during each “end of Marking-Period” grade report (Report Card Grades).  If they fail to meet this requirement, student-athletes are deemed ineligible for a period of 15 school days from the time grades are submitted.  

If a student-athlete is deemed ineligible based on either two reports mentioned above, here are Next Steps in addition to eligibility suspensions:


  • Student-Athlete must complete the Academic Eligibility Probation Form and have signed by a parent/guardian, and then returned to Coach/Athletic Director.

  • The student-athlete must Check-In with his/her teachers of the classes he/she is failing and request what he/she can do to improve their grades.  

  • The Student-Athlete must check in with their Team Advisor and attend any tutoring sessions assigned.


Our athletic departments in ASD support a comprehensive approach to supporting our student-athletes in achieving academic success and remaining eligible.  All students who are failing the eligibility report for two consecutive weeks will participate in an Academic Improvement Plan, that can include team advisor, head coach, guidance-counselor, administrator, and athletic director.

Academic Improvement Plans

  • The Student-Athlete Academic Improvement Plan includes a meeting that involves Parents, Coaches, Counselors, Teachers, and Administrators.  

  • In these meetings, we will discuss support as well as providing our student-athletes with the opportunity to offer input on how we can best serve and support their needs.